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Shivabalayogi Rishikesh


This World, the Earth

“The world has a soul and it has a consciousness.  It is a good Devi [goddess].  If you do sadhana, then Swamiji will see that you can talk to the soul of the earth.”

“The earth has life.  Mother Earth is alive; it is not something dead.  The earth has a sound, but you are unable to perceive it.  The earth is fine.  Nothing has happened to it.  It is you who have gone bad, and it is you who are affected.”

“It is our duty to protect all the planets.  Otherwise there is a result on other planets and they will burn up and turn to dust.  If the earth goes then you have lost the planets.  But nothing will happen to other planets.  If something happens to this planet those people from the other planets will come.”

“You have turned from the path.  Other planets are more advanced.  Your technology is primitive.”

“It is only through meditation that you can restore what you have done to the planet earth.  The earth will revive by itself if you can reduce the tension in your minds.  If you can reduce the tensions of all the people, then you people can talk to each other.  Then the people can avoid the calamities they are creating for the planet.” 




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