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Shivabalayogi Bangalore  

World Conditions: Tension in the Minds

“Not the environment.  Swamiji is going to change the people.  He is going to change the minds of the people.  He will change your mind so that you will protect yourself from some egotist or some crackpot who is going to push the button and explode these bombs.”

“If you change the intellect of some people automatically the others will change.  There are now ten people sitting here.  If Swamiji changes the minds of a few then there will be discussions among the people here and they will discuss with others.  The minds of the other people also will change.  That is what will happen.”

“That is the reason Swamiji keeps calling you here and keeps talking with you.  He is asking you to learn more and learn well.  That is why he asks you to mix with the rest of the people.  You should be just one of them.  With that the tension will come down.  If you work on your own ego then the tension will come down.”

“If you meditate everything will be controlled.  The mind is very unstable.  Tension reduces after the unstable mind is controlled.  After the mind is controlled and tension is reduced, man can do anything.  If the mind is controlled the whole world will be peaceful.  The mind is a monkey.  It won’t allow the intelligence to be used.  The mind disturbs intelligence [buddhi]; it suppresses intelligence.  The mind is very powerful and the soul is very small.  If one has to open the soul, the mind has to be controlled and you have to use your intelligence.  Then soul will develop and you will get samadhi.  When the soul develops, the mind is destroyed.  Otherwise, if you leave the mind alone, then the mind will develop and America one button and Russia one button.  Man would be destroyed.”

“You have nothing to do.  Just meditate and Swamiji will do everything.  It is by the power of tapas that the yogi can do it.”


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