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Shivabalayogi’s World Mission

Shivabalayogi 1989 Seattle“Americans have a lot of tension.  They do not have sadhana [spiritual practice].  That is why Swamiji has come here to teach sadhana and reduce tensions.  Swamiji has come to America to reduce the tension and to give you peace.  You have atom bombs with you.  You need protection from them.  That is why Swamiji is here.”

“It is Swamiji’s duty.  He has come here to protect you.  That is why he does it.  He has been asked to do that by his guru.  Swamiji has come to this world to reduce your tension.  He will protect you from all sorts of difficulties and troubles, whether mental or physical illness.  Your tension will reduce.  Swamiji will also help you attain Self realization, to go nearer to God.  He has come here with all these things in mind.  This is the duty he has come here to perform for you.”

“Only yogis can help the world.  You have to concentrate on your advancement first, but you can wish good for others.  Those who do meditation should not get involved in politics.  Instead they should bring the politicians to meditate.”

“Swamiji is doing service on the other planets also.  He goes there with his astral body.  Not only he, even Christ does the service.  All those who are agents of God do this, not just Swamiji.”


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