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Shivabalayogi London 


Prior Lives, Rebirth

“Why should we bother about prior lives? People keep taking birth and it keeps going on.  It should be enough if we take care of our duties now.  What is the use of talking about prior lives? You should not depend on any glory you achieved in past lives.  You should achieve it in this life.”

“A person will be born again, as a human being or in some other form.  One might get a better birth or a worse one.  You can be born as a plant or an animal, or you might be born on a different planet altogether.  Just because you are a human being in this lifetime does not mean that in every future lifetime you are going to be born as a human being.  There is no guarantee you will come back to this planet.”

“The spirit has the power and will either to take birth or decide not to take birth.  It can go elsewhere and take birth.  It’s the will of that particular soul.  It may get born in that house and family, or it may decide not to and it can go elsewhere.  It has full power.”

“Even yogis are born as plants and animals.  The yogi wants to be a plant.  That is how they can become a plant.  Even as a plant, the yogi works with much more energy than as a human.  Compare Lord Buddha with you people changing into the line of spirituality through seeing Swamiji.  Lord Buddha got enlightenment through a tree.  He sat under the tree and he got enlightenment.”

“Mukti is to be without janma [birth and rebirth].  Moksha is without deha [body].  Both are the same.  Nobody gets moksha.  Mukti also, nobody gets.  You have to keep on taking rebirth.  Everybody has to come back down.”


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