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Astral Beings - Negative Spirits

“There are two kinds of spirits.  There are spirits that are astral bodies, and there are other spirits that are ghosts.  Astral bodies help in your life, but some people become ghosts when they die.  When people die before their time their spirits take such forms and they trouble people in various ways.  If those ghosts catch hold of you then they will make you suffer a lot.  Swamiji is here to protect people from such things.  If you apply the vibhuti they will disappear.  Swamiji will take care of any trouble like that.  You should not worry about that at all.  That is a very simple thing.”

“People are trying to frighten you.  There are no bad entities [i.e. bad astral bodies].  God and the other beings are coming here to help you, to do you good.  They don’t come here to frighten you.  They come here to protect you.  You should not be afraid of them.  You should try to salute them.  You should try to pray to them.”

“Parents try to frighten children by creating fear about darkness and things like that.  In the same way people are trying to frighten you.  So whatever fear that was created in you by your parents when you were a child, that fear is now still continuing with you.  That fear should not be there.”

If ghosts get a hold of you, how do you get rid of them?

“Vibhuti.  If you apply that on your forehead, it will leave you.”

From the printed “Meditation Instructions” that Shivabalayogi gave after initiation into dhyana meditation:

“If you continue to meditate regularly you may have visions and experiences. These may be recorded in a diary and you may ask Swamiji for an explanation or clarification. If you have a disturbing vision, do not let this upset you. Think of Swamiji and drink some milk or water mixed with a pinch of vibhuti.”


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