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Fate & Accidents

“There are two kinds of karma.  What you do for the soul is carried forward.  You will suffer what you do for the physical body in the same life.”

“Do meditation.  Do not worry about karma.  Forget about it.”

“You have the freedom to decide what’s going to happen to you, your fate.  You should control your mind.  You should utilize it properly.  At the age of five, at such a small age, I realized that we were poor, so I started working hard.  I never had any problem with food. Had I not worked at the time, I would not have had enough to eat.  That’s the reason you have to use your intellect.  Wherever you are, in whichever country you are, if you can use your intellect, then you can do well.”


Can you stop devotees from dying?

“That is wrong.  I am not supposed to interfere with nature.”

But we have seen various examples of people getting saved by being with being with Swamiji, or in the presence of Swamiji.

“That is untimely death, an accident, not their natural death.  Those I save.  You cannot escape death if it is the time.  If it is untimely death then you can escape it.”


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