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Death & Rebirth

“When you lose the body, the physical body remains here and the light that is the soul goes to that particular planet where it intends to go.  The body will stay alive until the light reaches its destination on the other planet.  The body will drop off only when the light has reached its destination.”

“After reaching that planet it will decide exactly where and how it will take birth again.  It will decide whether to be born as a human being, a plant, an animal or any other life form.  It will go and enter into another being.  It will have another set of parents, another mother and another father.”

“You will keep being born and reborn.  It goes on forever.  You have to keep taking new births.  You could be born as a dog or other animal, or plant, or insect.  It is not a matter of evolution.”

When the light leaves the body after death, who determines where it goes and why?  “It depends on what you have done in this life, whether good or bad.  That decides which particular planet is its destination.  Your own soul will decide.”




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