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“When death comes to the body you find it very peaceful.  You can feel it when you leave your body.  You see a light going out of you and then you experience traveling.  You can actually see yourself traveling.  It is a very peaceful experience.  If the light travels back into the body then you will become alive again.”

“One experiences a lot of peace when there is a transition from life to death, but only those people whose life term is over on this earth.  Otherwise if people die through accidents or any other means before their time comes, they don’t feel any peace or bliss.  They have to be in the atmosphere and they don’t go to the place where they are supposed to go until their time is over on this earth.”

“During this transition period, those people who die a natural death feel that they should not come back because they feel so much peace and bliss which they want to enjoy.  They don’t want to come back.”

Swamiji, if we pass away will you be with us on the other side?  “Yes, and Swamiji will meet you again on all the planets.  The astral body keeps going.”

When Swamiji’s devotees die, on their journey beyond, do they get Swamiji’s help automatically without asking for it, or do they have to come to Swamiji and ask for it before they die?  “They get it automatically.  Before they die they come to me.  When they go they get my help automatically.  It’s the spiritual connection that brings the devotees to me before they die.  The spirit of Swamiji and the spirit of the devotee are connected.”

Can you stop devotees from dying?  “That is wrong.  I am not supposed to interfere with nature.”

But we have seen various examples of people getting saved by being with being with Swamiji, or in the presence of Swamiji.  “That is untimely death, an accident, not their natural death.  Those I save.”

“You cannot escape death if it is the time.  If it is untimely death then you can escape it.  When you are dying you will not have any fear at all.  Fear is created by relatives and friends around you.  When the soul leaves the body it goes off very peacefully and happily.”


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