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Shivabalayogi Sri Lanka 


The Third Eye (Bhrikuti)

“If you concentrate on the heart then the mind can go anywhere.  It can keep wandering around.  But if you concentrate at the point between the eyebrows your mind will come under control.  That is the difference.”

Some of us practice meditation that focuses the attention on the heart rather than the point between the eyebrows.  Is there any difference, in terms of superiority?  

“Whatever kind of meditation you are doing, continue doing that.  Afterward, whenever you find a convenient time, you also do this meditation which Swamiji has taught you.  If you practice both every day, they will go with each other well.  You need not worry about that.”

“By touching Arjuna at this point [gestures towards third eye], Krishna showed him his formless aspect and then the universal aspect.  So Arjuna had a practical experience of the formless.” 


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