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Shivabalayogi Dehradun  

Meditation: the Technique

“Whatever Swamiji's guru has taught him, he is going to teach you the same technique of meditation.  If you practice that for one hour every day, it will help you in creating a very calm and peaceful atmosphere.”

“When you start meditation your mind will remain busy for the first twenty minutes.  After that, around thirty or thirty-five minutes later, you will start getting aches and pains in your legs and in your body.  After forty minutes you will get real meditation.  The vibhuti Swamiji gives you is to help you with all of these distractions.  You should apply it on the spot between your eyebrows and do meditation.  If you meditate for one hour then it will be only the last fifteen minutes in which you really do good meditation.”

“You can meditate as much as you wish.  You do not have to force yourself to meditate.  You can do it for about an hour or a half an hour each day.  If you do it for one hour every day, then you should get into samadhi and you can do it for as long as you want.  Once you get into samadhi you will not have a sense of time, so you can do it for hours.”

“When you meditate, you should be careful that you don’t move your eyeballs and eyelids.  If you can control your eyeballs and eyelids, then your mind will also get controlled and you can get over these thought forms.”

From the printed “Meditation Instructions” that Shivabalayogi gave after initiation into dhyana meditation:

“Do not move your eyeballs or open your eyes during meditation. Meditation is to be done for at least one hour as directed here.  Shri Swamiji does not prescribe any particular posture for meditation.  You may adopt whatever posture you find comfortable.  If you are not used to sitting on a floor, you may sit on a chair or a bed.  You may select whatever time you find convenient for meditation.  There are no restrictions concerning diet, cleanliness or the like.” 


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