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Shivabalayogi London airport  

Initiation into Dhyana Meditation

“People have to be initiated.  If you can have a center here, where you can meditate every week, then you can ask the new people to come over to that program.  Swamiji will hit you like this and then he will go and that’s what will work.  He gives the powers and then he goes.  The astral body does its work”

“Once in your lifetime Swamiji initiates you.”

“Even if you have promised or signed a promise or anything like that, or if you are in a particular religion, none of that is going to make it difficult for you to meditate.  The meditation is not going to affect whatever commitments or other practices you may have.  Meditation is not connected with any religion.  You can continue whatever you have been doing until now.  Swami is just teaching you meditation, nothing else.  You do not have to leave your path.”

“We have taught how to initiate people.  So why don’t you go around to all those countries?  If Swamiji wants to bring all those people into the line of devotion he’ll do it through his devotees.  We cannot expect Swamiji to travel to all the countries of the world.  So the respective Trusts will have to do this work.”

If Swamiji and his devotees have had many past lifetimes together, and if Swamiji can travel anywhere with astral bodies, why is it necessary for Swamiji to travel in the physical body for initiation?  “Why were you born through your mother’s womb?”


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