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Coping with the World


“Meditation helps you to be in this world.  Whatever you are doing now in the world, you will start doing it properly if you meditate.  For example, you might be married and remain with one person for some time.  Then you leave your spouse and go to another person.  That will stop if you start doing meditation.  Your relationships will improve.  Once that happens you can progress a lot.  Meditation will make your life correct.  Your tension will be greatly reduced.”

“The practice of meditation makes it easier for you to understand the people with whom you interact.  If they are planning to harm you, you come to know of it ahead of time.”

“If you do meditation, tensions will come down and you will be able to have good relations with the people around you.  You can be an example to other people to control their minds properly.”

“If you do the meditation, automatically mistakes will be taken care of.  You will have control of the mind.”





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