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Shivabalayogi picnic  

The Practice of Service (Seva)

“Serving humanity, serving other people and helping them out, all that is to take care of the body.  That does not help the spirit.  For the spirit you have to do meditation.”

“Daily you must do one hour or two hours of meditation and then during the rest of the time you can do seva [service] for the guru.  You should not think that because you are doing guru service that you need not do the meditation.”

“It’s not ego to serve people.  What you should have is a strong will to serve people.  You should have perseverance.  Then it will be good for you.  That’s not ego.  If you have a strong will or wish to see God, that’s neither ego nor selfishness.  That’s a strong will.  If you have a strong will, the mind will automatically come under control and then you can see God.”

“First you should concentrate on your own advancement, then about the rest.  You should attain a particular level before you think of doing something for others.  Otherwise instead of benefiting others, you will come down.  This happens to many people.”

“Only yogis can help the world.  You have to concentrate on your advancement first, but you can wish good for others.  Those who do meditation should not get involved in politics.  Instead they should bring the politicians to meditate.”


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