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Shivabalayogi homa 


Homa (Yagna) - Sacred Fire

“Yagna helps the people around you, it helps the environment, and it also helps you for your Self realization.  In the ancient times the sages used to do tapas and they performed yagnas.  Even now Swamiji himself performs yagna twice a year.”

“There is a separate yagna for the environment and you have to do that yagna together with reciting from the Vedas.  If you can learn Sanskrit then you can learn all that.  You could also translate whatever is in Sanskrit into English.  If you want to purify the environment you must do the yagna corresponding to that.  If you are just doing it for yourself, you have to do a different yagna”

“If you practice prayer, bhajans, homa, and japa, all these things will help you develop further and further on the spiritual path.  Gradually these practices will bring you into the line of meditation.”

How do the gods receive those offerings?

“The other day when Swamiji did the purnahuti [final offerings at a homa], you could see how the fire came up.  That’s the way they come and accept it.  You put the paper in the fax machine here and you get a copy over there.  How does that happen?” 



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