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Shivabalayogi Dehradun 


Kundalini Powers


“Kundalini powers will come automatically if you sit in meditation.  When that kundalini power comes, if you sit in a perfect posture or perfect meditation, you get into samadhi.  There’s no need to try for that.  There is no special training for that.”

“Those who forcefully try to open these kundalini powers get into trouble.  There are two kinds of kundalini, atma kundalini and hatha kundalini.  Atma kundalini is to get into samadhi.  With hatha kundalini, if you don’t do it well you will lose everything in the body.  Someone who teaches you, if it’s not perfect, you will be in trouble.”

“If you get such kinds of powers you will automatically find a guru.  The guru will automatically come to you.  There is no need of you trying for anything at all once you get the kundalini powers.”






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