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Shivabalayogi Sri Lanka 

The Practice of Pranayama

“Pranayama is for your body.  You have to do one type.  Don’t try to do all different kinds of pranayama.  You do it on an empty stomach.”

“You can repeat pranayama as many times as you want, but in a single sitting, you should not do more than fifteen minutes.  In fact, if you do it for too long, it affects the nervous system.  It is suitable for some bodies, but it’s not suitable for the bodies of the other people.  But if you do it for just fifteen minutes you will not have a bad effect.  You can repeat it as many times as you want, but you should not exceed the limit of fifteen minutes each time you do it.”


From the printed “Meditation Instructions” that Shivabalayogi gave after initiation into dhyana meditation:

“If you are practicing pranayama, you may do so before meditation.  Pranayama should not be done for more than ten to fifteen minutes.”


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