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Shivabalayogi 1988 SeaTac airport  

Divine Beings & Visitors

“Only when you recognize and discuss the angels and the gods will you get peace of mind.  Otherwise there is no chance for peace of mind.  You can talk to them if you meditate well.  They will come to you and you can talk to them as clearly as you are talking to Swamiji now.”

“There are many astral bodies of ancient beings who come and serve people through human beings.  People who receive such power should not charge money for their services.  That is what we have to criticize.”

“Many people from different planets come here and do work in different ways.  You should not be afraid of that.  It should bring you into the line of philosophy.  They left a sign for you to understand that somebody else had come there.”

“Space ships keep coming and going.  You are trying to watch them but they are actually watching you.  This is not just happening now.  It has been happening since the start of this earth.  Those people want to observe what is happening here.  That is the reason they come here.  The difference between them and you is that you are using machines to go to other planets.  They use the power of the mantra to travel not only to this planet but to all the other planets.  That is the reason they have more power than you.”

“In history there are incidents of people traveling from here to the other planets.  For example, Ravana.  Then the father of Bharata.  His name is Dushenta.  Even Vishwamitra and Vasishta used to travel from planet to planet.  Many great sages and kings used to go to the other planets and come back.  Even ordinary people used to go and come.  At that time they had the power of the mantra.  Now you have lost that power of the mantra.  Gradually you have lost that, whereas the power of yantra [machines] is increasing.  The mantra shakti is decreasing and the yantra shakti is increasing.  That’s the reason they were able to do that.  But if you do good meditation now, you can go there in your astral body.”

“The atmosphere and the world is different there, but they also talk to each other like you do.  The bodies that you have now would not be able to live on their planet.  About five thousand years back, your bodies were able to resist the atmospheres on their planets, but now your bodies have deteriorated.”

When people go into bhava samadhi in New York, will they will get the same astral bodies as in Bangalore or Agra?

“Well if there are any divine spirits in New York, they will also participate in bhava samadhi.”

So some spirits, some gods are geographically located?

“That’s right.”

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