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Shivabalayogi Adivarapupeta linga

Shivabalayogi before the idols of Shiva and Parvati after he gave life to the idols in the Trimurthy temple.  Below, Shivabalayogi with Brahma and Saraswati, JP Nagar Trimurthy temple.

Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara Temple
at the J.P. Nagar Ashram, Bangalore


“This is the first time we have a Trimurthy [Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara (Shiva)] temple with all three gods and three goddesses.  This time also the spiritual leaders tried to stop this temple from coming up.  They did not want us to start worshipping Brahma.  They told Swamiji, ‘If you do that you are going to die.’ ”

“Swamiji replied, ‘I will do what my guru tells me.  My guru asked me to do the tapas.  So I did it.  Now my guru asked me to construct the temple.  I’ll construct it.  I won’t listen to you.’ ”

“They told him that Brahma has a curse, that he should not be worshipped.  He said, ‘It was Shiva who gave the curse and I am going to remove the curse now.’  Now the worship of Brahma has started off.  It is going wonderfully.”

“Shiva was getting married and Brahma also wanted to marry the same girl.  But the girl was interested in Shiva.  Shiva thought that he should punish Brahma by cutting off his fifth head.  So he cut off his fifth head.”

“This was one reason.  The other is a quarrel between Vishnu and Brahma about which of them was the greater.  They came to Shiva and asked him who is greater.  Shiva created a linga and asked them to go and find the ends of the linga.  Brahma went up and Vishnu went down.  They returned after a long while.  Then Brahma lied to Shiva saying, ‘I did reach the end and I came back from there.’ ”

“Vishnu told him the truth that, ‘I could not find the end.’ ”

“So then Shiva gave the curse, ‘Because it was a lie, you should not be worshipped any more.’ ”

“Now, if Brahma is not worshipped [in the temple] we can see in the face of the idol that he is unhappy about it.  People who worship in the temple come and report to Swamiji, ‘Today, Brahma isn’t looking happy.’ ”

“So when Swamiji goes there and he touches their face and caresses them, within a second, they change.  They become happy.  When you look at them you can see the life in them.”

“Everything that he starts is very small in the beginning, and it keeps on growing and growing.”




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