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Shivabalayogi program SeattleSanatana Dharma
the Eternal Truth

“In the past, there were many people here and many gods.  You people drove them away.  You people have changed a lot.  India and America were one and the same.  America had the same Sanskrit culture but slowly you changed.  Kings brought about change, unlike in India where people did not change even though their kings changed.  In India the people maintained their own traditions separately from their rulers.  If people wanted to meditate, they meditated.”

“Indian culture is the culture of the rishis [ancient yogis].”

“The culture of the rishis has been preserved in India.  There are saints and rishis elsewhere throughout the world, but the politicians killed them.  They also killed them in India but the rishis kept going.  Different kinds of rulers came, but they were destroyed.  The land of India was established by the maharishis [ancient great yogis].  Even America five hundred years ago was like that.  If you study the Natives Americans of five hundred years ago, you would see a close relationship with India.”

I asked him, “Swamiji, it was you as Christ who started Christianity.  Then you as Mohammed started the Muslim religion.  And now you are Shivabalayogi saying you will establish sanatana dharma.  So what will people say about it?”  Swamiji said,

“It changes with time.  When Christ taught there was a need at the time, so I did that.  Thirteen hundred years back, the need of the times was different, so I did it as Mohammed.  Now today is different, so I am doing it as Shivabalayogi.  But it’s all the same.”

He very clearly explained to us that it was not Christ who started Christianity or Mohammed who started the Muslim religion.  When the religions became too strong, he had to return to us in another form.


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