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Shivabalayogi homa (yagna) 


Native Americans

“If you mix with the Native Americans and exchange your culture with them, then you should also learn from them.  You will develop well and have a lot of peace if you are together.  You can easily regain the Native American traditions if you remain united with them.  You need not have doubt regarding that.  Swamiji himself will restore peace.”

“The culture of the rishis [ancient yogis] has been preserved in India.  Even America five hundred years ago was like that.  If you study the Natives Americans of five hundred years ago, you would see a close relationship with India.”

“There are many fully enlightened masters on earth, such as Swamiji.  There are people in America but they won’t come out.  They won’t expose themselves.  They are among the natives of this land, the Native Americans.”



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