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“All philosophy remains talk unless people practice sadhana [spiritual practice].”

“You can go to as many teachers as you like.  There is nothing wrong with going to many different teachers.  If they have any power you can go and take the power they have to offer.  But you should not get involved in politics.  You can go to as many teachers as you like, take the knowledge and power from them, but do not get involved in any politics.”

“You could go to a hundred teachers and if you do not meditate you will not get God realization.”

What is the philosophy of Swamiji?

“Nothing.  Dhyana is the one point philosophy.”

A man was questioning Swamiji at an evening program.  He wanted Swamiji’s validation of his study of Vedanta, India’s metaphysical philosophy that has its roots in the Upanishads, the ancient Vedic books on philosophy.

“People study the scriptures, become pundits, and then they charge a fee to anyone who wants to learn from them. Such people cannot do meditation.  They are only spiritual leaders.  They have not seen God.  They have not experienced God.  You must meditate.  You could read all the books about Swamiji, all the questions and answers from Swamiji’s darshan, study them, and know all about what Swamiji has said but you would only become a pundit.  You will not get enlightened.”

“Whatever we have talked about now, that is called Vedanta.” 


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