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Shivabalayogi Bangalore

Yoga Vasishta


“Read the Yoga Vasishta.  Swamiji’s philosophy is fully expounded in that scripture.”


Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana is an extraordinarily long book considered among the most valuable spiritual treatises and the most comprehensive exposition of non-dualistic (advaita) philosophy or Vedanta.

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Swamiji told devotees about his consecration of the Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara temple in Bangalore and how his consecration of the idol to God Brahma, the Creator, removed a curse by Shiva.  When asked about Brahma, he said, “You should read the history of Brahma.”  He was asked whether there was any particular book that he recommended.  “Yes, the Yoga Vasishta.”

We had conversations with Swamiji about atom bombs.  He would warn us of the dangers of nuclear war and how one of the reasons he completed tapas was to use the powers to prevent such a war from breaking out.  “This is not the first time people have made atomic bombs.  This happened many thousands of years ago and many millions of years ago. If you study history you will come to understand.  If you read the Yoga Vasishta you will come to know about that.”

On another occasion, Shivabalayogi was asked about avatars.  “Read the Yoga Vasishta,” he said, “and you will learn how yogis make avatars and how Rama acquired his powers from yogis.  Krishna’s body was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu but he acquired his powers from yogis.”  Swamiji revealed that he had incarnated during each major avatar of God Vishnu, which occurs every five thousand years.  The last such avatar was Krishna, and the one before that was Rama.  Swamiji added that he was a witness to the events described in the Yoga Vasishta when Sage Vasishta gave spiritual instruction to the young Rama.

Shivabalayogi said that Yoga Vasishta, unlike other scriptures, preserves the original teachings of a yogi.  He mentioned it often enough that many of us began to think that Shivabalayogi was Vasishta.  As early as around 1958 or 1959, before he finished his twelve-year tapas, Shivabalayogi recommended the book to two devotees, Rumale Chennebasaiah and M. G. Kabbe, who would meditate in Swamiji’s presence in the evening and mornings.  They spent the days in nearby Draksharama, resting, taking food and reading the Yoga Vasishta.


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