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Shivabalayogi with children  

Liberation from Life & Death

“If you start doing meditation, you will get a lot of happiness, a lot of bliss in the meditation.  From that bliss you will become unconscious of your body and go into a state of samadhi.  So if you remain in samadhi for a long time and keep continuing it for days together, then you can see God.  God will appear in front of you.  Then you will have to ask God to give you the liberation.  This is the only way of obtaining liberation.  It won’t come to you automatically.  Whereas by all the other practices that you are doing now, all that you can get is a better life the next time.  But if you want liberation, you have to do meditation.  You have to see God and ask Him for liberation.  Only He can give you the liberation.”

“Whenever Swamiji takes birth all his devotees and disciples take birth.  This goes on for ever and ever and ever.  Some devotees or some disciples come late and some come a little bit earlier.”

“Mukti is to be without janma [birth and rebirth].  Moksha is without deha [body].   Both are the same.  Nobody gets moksha.  Mukti also, nobody gets.  You have to keep on taking rebirth.   Everybody has to come back down.”

Some swamis say there is rebirth. Others say no.  What does Swamiji say?

“Do not believe anyone.  Have your own experiences through meditation.”


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