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Shivabalayogi Raleigh NC 


Swamiji’s Help in Meditation

“You need experiences and that is what I give.  I will teach you.  It is my duty to help you in meditation.”

“If you practice the meditation daily, then Swamiji’s astral body will be with you and help you wherever you are.  Just like Swamiji is helping you here with his physical presence, his astral body will come and help you wherever you are in the world.”

“All the student needs to do is meditate for one hour a day.  The rest is in Swamiji’s hands.  He will take care of that.  You will not be aware of the stages, nothing of the kind.  Your duty is to perform meditation for one hour a day.  He will take care of the rest.  Whether you are taken up or not is all in Swami’s hands.”

“The speed with which you develop depends on your interest and the intensity of your sadhana.  You also should have the blessings of the guru.”

“Swamiji gives you a guarantee.  If you learn, he will teach you samadhi.  If you practice daily then you can reach samadhi in this lifetime.”




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