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Shivabalayogi Dehradun

Shivabalayogi standing before the meditation hall at the Bangalore ashram.  Below, the hall under construction.  Bottom, mass feeding shortly after the ashram was dedicated.


The Shivabalayogi Ashram, JP Nagar, Bangalore

“The land [where the J.P. Nagar ashram is located] came to me in a funny way.  Swamiji was not interested in making an ashram in Bangalore.  He used to travel a lot because his idea was to spread meditation to more and more people and for that he would travel around the country.  He used to travel by car to all the places in India.  Once when he was in Bangalore, a city official came to see him and asked why he was not staying in Bangalore longer.  Swamiji told him, ‘Well, you have not given me any land so I am not staying here.’ ”

“ ‘That’s all the problem?  Can I call you?’  So the next morning the official, the man in charge of planning for the city said, ‘Yes, the land is available.’  He told Swamiji, ‘Okay, now you come with me.  You drive with me and then you select which piece of land you want.’ ”

“On Monday he talked about it.  By Saturday he had the land and everything was done.”

“Swamiji was not interested in the Bangalore ashram.  After he was given the land, he went off to Dehradun.  Somebody who didn’t like the donation to Swamiji knew that he was not in Bangalore, so he immediately sent notice to the Trust saying, ‘You have taken the land but you are not using it.  If you don’t start any construction, we will take it back.’  Swamiji got a letter in Dehradun saying this.”

“Then he started constructing a building.  He started building in 1972, and even now he hasn’t stopped.”

“Swamiji is constructing rooms for people to stay, but in the form of apartments so that each room or two rooms have their own kitchen and everything else separate.  He himself develops the plan for all this building.  He is trying to see there is no waste to the land that has been given to him.”

“Swamiji’s rooms, the dhyan meditation hall and all this is constructed [on the south side].  The rest of the land was vacant, so he was afraid that somebody else or the government would take that away.  So he started constructing at the other end.  Now he has the Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara Temple and the big auditorium behind that, and the rooms attached to that.”

“Now, the only thing that is left out now is a building in the center.  There he wants to have a training center, a college for meditation.  A lot of people asked him to start the medical colleges and the engineering colleges, but he said, ‘No. I will start a meditation college.’ ”

“Downstairs would be library.  In the upper floor, there is a place for giving lectures.  On the third floor, he will have a place for himself to speak to people.  Round Building.  He is going to have a dome on top with no pillars.”


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