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Shivabalayogi 1990 Seattle  

Yogis & Spiritual Leaders

“Yogi is one who has done tapas.  Whereas one who has obtained knowledge from reading books, who has become a leader for an ashram, or who manages a group of people, he is called a spiritual leader.”

“By looking at his face you can find out who is real.  If you practice the meditation well, and then have a look at his face, then you will understand whether he is a yogi, a good spiritual teacher, or not.”

“The difference is that a yogi loves people of all religions.  The yogi brings people of all lines together.  The spiritual leader does not allow people of other religions to come to him.  He asks them to get out.  The spiritual leader only takes care of his devotees.  He will start criticizing and abusing all the others.  Do you understand now?”

“A yogi is an ocean.  All who come can take a bath in it without any harm to it.  Only mathadipathis [spiritual leaders] are afraid they might lose their power if one touches them.  They told Swamiji not to allow people to touch him.  Swamiji told them he has no fear of losing any power.”

“Ramakrishna Paramahansa touched Vivekananda and gave his power.  Vivekananda in turn distributed that power to many.  This can only happen with a yogi.  A yogi can give power even to animals.”


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