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“You can go to as many teachers as you like.  There is nothing wrong with going to many different teachers.  If they have any power you can go and take the power they have to offer.  But you should not get involved in politics.  You can go to as many teachers as you like, take the knowledge and power from them, but do not get involved in any politics.”

“Whatever kind of meditation that you are doing now, you keep continuing doing that.  After you do that, whenever you find the convenient time, you also do this meditation which Swamiji has taught you.  If you practice both of them every day, then they will go with each other well.”

“Even if you have promised or signed a promise or anything like that, or if you are in a particular religion, none of that is going to make it difficult for you to meditate.  The meditation is not going to affect whatever commitments or other practices you may have.  Meditation is not connected with any religion.  You can continue whatever you have been doing until now.  Swami is just teaching you meditation, nothing else.  You do not have to leave your path.”

“Joining groups is religion.  Let us say you are in a group.  Now just because you met Swami and learned the meditation you want to leave this group and join another group.  This is bad because the new group will also become something like a religion.  You should not do that.  There should not be any desire to have groups.  Everybody can do the meditation.  There is going to be politics in religion.  There is no God in religion.”

“A person of any faith, if he comes to me, need not leave his faith.  He can still do the meditation.  He can be a devotee of mine in spite of being in his own faith.”

“Today there was a lady who came and asked Swamiji.  She has come across a lot of gurus in her life.  So she doesn’t know what to do.  Swamiji told her, ‘See there are so many rivers in the world, so what do you do? In which one do you take a bath?’  Swamiji told her that she will have to select the one that is suitable for her.”


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