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Shivabalayogi Chevrolet


Working in the World

“Tapas is for the soul.  Your job is for your physical body.  It is for your stomach.”

“Do good business and you will earn a lot of money.”

“It should be much easier for you to concentrate if you are working in the public.  Through your job you can see everything there is to be seen in this world.  Having seen all that, you automatically get detached from the world and you feel like doing more and more meditation.  Your mind is suited to meditation that much better than anybody else because you have seen what there is to be seen in the world.”

“You have to do your duty.  Why should you leave your duty? You should do it.  If you have studied for a profession, you do the duty of that profession.”

“As long as you live in society you have to deal with society.  You cannot avoid this problem.  You have to deal with this problem.  The solution is if you can be away from society and do the meditation for one hour each day, then in that one hour you will come to know what kind of a person is, and that will also let you know how to deal with that person.”

“Let us say you are very hungry.  Where are you going to eat?  You will have to go to a restaurant and they won’t feed you unless you have money to pay.  Even to eat money is required.  So you should not ignore money.”


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