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Shivabalayogi wedding  

Married Life

“The love between a man and a woman is happiness.  A man should love only one woman and a woman only one man.  If you remain like that, it will help you a lot.  That is good.”

“You should try to pull each other together.  How many people here want to divorce? You get divorced and you get married again and again.  How many times do you want to do that? Instead, the right way to deal with differences is to pull each other together.  You make adjustments and little sacrifices and you stay together.  That is better than divorce.”

“It is not necessary to give up the household relationship to do tapas.  Automatically you will get a detachment as you keep practicing.  Then you will go into samadhi.  You can join each other afterwards.  You can still love each other.  Let us say you are doing tapas.  Your husband can serve you.  Then once you have finished tapas you can serve your husband.”

“This has happened in history.  The great sages used to do this.  It is not written down anywhere that you have to leave each other and neither does Swamiji advise you to be separate from each other.”

“Family life does not come in the way of meditation.  There is no need to renounce everything to practice meditation.  It is enough if you meditate for one hour a day.  One can engage in sadhana while in the family.  There is no real contradiction between family life and sadhana.”

“The ancient sages and saints used to lead the life of a householder.  They used to take care of children.  They used to have families.  Still they used to do the tapas.  You understand now?”


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