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The Tapas of Yogis

“Valmiki did tapas for hundreds of years.  He wrote the history of Rama, the ‘Ramayana’, ten thousand years before Rama was born.  When Valmiki performed tapas, ant hills formed all over him and the ants ate his body, but he didn’t stop his tapas.  He continued until he saw God.  Only when he saw God he came out of that tapas.”

“Valmiki was at least a grown-up man.  Dhruva was just a child.  He started doing the meditation at the age of five.  When Dhruva did tapas, ant hills formed over him.  God himself had to come and wake them up from their tapas, both Valmiki and Dhruva.”

“Ravana Asura did tapas for a thousand years.  Vishwamitra did tapas for twelve thousand years.”

“Buddha had to suffer a lot while doing tapas.  The way people made Swamiji suffer, in the same way Buddha was made to suffer during his tapas.”

“Jesus a yogi. Christ had done tapas in India for twelve years.  He had undergone training for twelve years so as to serve the people.  But when he came out to serve the people, he was killed.”

Swamiji explained that Moses, Buddha, and Mohammed were all yogis.  Buddha completed his tapas in only five years,  Mohammed in twelve years.  The amount of time to complete tapas depends upon the guru. 


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