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Shiva Gets into Trouble

“What do you think a yogi is?  It’s all the yogis that have to come together, cooperate, and try to see that the world is not destroyed by atomic bombs. Shiva just lets the bombs loose and just watches.  It’s the yogis that have to chase Shiva and protect the world.”

“Shiva was real naughty.  A person who becomes powerful can ask a boon of Shiva, and Shiva is so generous that he will grant the boon. In your country you are making nuclear bombs.  That is through Shiva’s blessings.  He made it.  Shiva has sent Swamiji to get rid of them.”

“Shiva spoiled the minds of the people who made the bombs because he was naughty.  Shiva did not know what to do.  They just came and asked him.  Shiva said all right, you can do it.  Now Shiva does not know how to nullify his own boon.  Now Shiva sends Swamiji as an agent to remove the effects of his boon.”

“It is like the story of Bhasmasura, the demon who did tapas and earned Shiva’s boon of being able to destroy whatever he put his hand on.  Bhasmasura had to be tricked into putting his hand on himself.  If Swamiji does not control the tension, then this country will be in trouble.  The whole of America will be ashes. Swamiji has come here to bring down the tensions.”

“Even gods have ego when they incarnate.  That is why they do it.  They have power because they are gods, so they show off their powers to each another.  When they incarnate, they do these things.”

Swamiji told the story of Lord Shiva, who is very beneficent and cannot refuse a boon, and the rakshasa (demon) Bhasmasura who completed powerful tapas.  Lord Shiva granted Bhasmasura’s request for the power to incinerate anyone on whom he laid his hand.  Once Shiva granted the boon, Bhasmasura began chasing Shiva, trying to put his hand on Shiva’s head.  Shiva had to run away to avoid being incinerated, and it was Lord Vishnu who had to come to the rescue.  Vishnu turned himself into a beautiful woman, so stunningly beautiful that Bhasmasura was immediately distracted.

“Marry me,” said Bhasmasura.  “Not until you learn how to dance perfectly, like me,” replied the beautiful maiden.  “Teach me,” said the demon.  “Then watch me closely and do exactly what I do.”

The maiden (Vishnu) began to dance and Bhasmasura, enraptured, copied her movements.  As a result, Bhasmasura was not careful when the maiden placed her hand on her head because he copied the movement and placed his own hand on his head.  Bhasmasura incinerated himself.


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