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“Ganesha was created by Sati, the wife of Shiva. Ganesha is very intelligent and he has a lot of buddhi [intellect]. That is the reason they associate Aum with him.”

Shivabalayogi Ganesha“Ganesha doesn't have anything to do with religion or caste.”

“Actually, Ganesha was just like you. Shiva had to put an elephant head on him. Cutting, cutting. Shiva had cut off his head and Parvati was scolding Shiva, ‘You killed my son.’ Shiva did not know that Ganesha was Parvati’s son. Shiva told his people, just bring a head that is facing east or west, and they found an elephant head.”

“If you stay in your house, what happens?  You take care of your house.  You have many different spiritual things with you in your house. You have beads, rudrakshas and different things like that.  Do you have any experiences with those?  If you have Ganesha you will have a lot of peace of mind and peace in your house and peace in all of your duties every day.”

“Who was Ganesha?”

We said something about an elephant-headed god, or the son of Shiva.

“Swamiji was Ganesha.”

That was his first incarnation, he explained. His second incarnation was Sanaka, the eldest of the Sanat Kumar.  (The Sanat Kumar were four bothers who lived during ancient times and became great sages as young boys.  They were such great sages that they were the only ones given access to go anywhere in the cosmos.)  It was on this occasion that Swamiji confirmed that the prior lives identified in his biography are accurate.


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