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Shivabalayogi Sri Lanka 


Revealing Spiritual Experiences


“The reason you should not reveal your visions is that people will not believe them.  They will think you are making it up or there is something wrong with you.  These experiences are related to the spirit and the soul, so it is not easy for other people to understand.  If you know of people who believe in you, who know what you are doing, who are in the same line of practice, and who are close to you, then you can talk about your experiences.”

From the printed “Meditation Instructions” that Shivabalayogi gave after initiation into dhyana meditation:

“Do not disclose your meditation experience or the meditation technique to others as this reduces its effect.”

“[Visions and experiences] may be recorded in a diary and you may obtain their explanation/clarification from Swamiji by writing to him.”






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