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Effort in Meditation

“Will power is very strong.  Continued meditation increases will power.  If you meditate well then Swamiji will bless you so that you will progress faster.  The greater your effort, the greater will be your blessings.”

“If you’re not being drawn to meditation, it’s because your mind is not at peace. Your mind is concentrated on something else altogether.  Laziness itself is because the mind is not at peace.  That’s the reason you are feeling lazy.  You have to force yourself and do the meditation at that time.  If you do that, if you go and sit for meditation in such conditions, your laziness automatically falls off and you get interested in the line of meditation.”

“It’s the will.  It doesn’t matter what’s happening around.  You have to sit and meditate.  Once if you get into meditation, you will not be aware of what’s happening around.  So keep your mind here [pointing between the eyebrows] not everywhere.  You have to just concentrate here, not the other place.  If the disturbance is somewhere else, if you think of that disturbance your mind will be disturbed.  So not to concentrate on that.  Just concentrate here.”

“You should have perseverance.  Then it will be good for you.  That’s not ego.  If you have a strong will or wish to see God, that’s neither ego nor selfishness.  That’s a strong will.  If you have a strong will, the mind will automatically come under control and then you can see God.”



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