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Shivabalayogi bhavaBhava Samadhi (spiritual trance)

“During the bhajans when you get astral bodies and bhava, Swamiji has astral bodies in them.  Swamiji will be in front of you.  It is Swamiji’s astral body that gives you the energy when you are doing the bhajans.  Through the astral body Swamiji comes to know how the music is being played.”

“Higher souls induce bhava.  Bhava helps in physical, mental, and spiritual progress.”

“Undesirable influences are thrown out and flee in a trance situation.  One should not try to control the trance.  There is no need to control it.”

“Bhava samadhi.  The ancient rishis and avatars keep visiting and they appear to these people in trance.  We have a relation with their sukshma sharira [astral body].”

“Swamiji can bring only the astral bodies of those who have done tapas.”

“Bhajan is for bhakti [devotion].  That’s the start for the spiritual path.  Just like you go to first class in primary school.  It’s like that.”

“Samadhi is through tapas and bhava is the presence of somebody through the astral body.  Bhava is the beginning for samadhi and tapas.”

“It is not drama.  It really happens.”

“Swamiji has studied.  He has done tapas for twelve years.  He understands this subject [trance].  If you want to know this subject, come to Swamiji, sit down for twelve years and do tapas.  Then you can understand, but not otherwise.  Just like a doctor cannot become a lawyer without training, or a lawyer cannot become a doctor, you cannot become a yogi without training.  Swamiji cannot explain it to you.”

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Once I asked Swamiji to give me trance.  Swamiji replied, “Okay, you want trance? You don’t realize that you are in trance.  How do you think you are controlling the people, the crowds and queue and all that?  You are in trance during that time but you don’t know it.  All the work that you are doing here, you are doing it in trance.  It’s just that you don’t realize it.”

We stayed at the Bangalore ashram for a month after the function was over.  Normal evening darshan was going on in the hall.  I was in the queue for the ladies and men were lined up on the other side.  From Swamiji’s eye, a light the size of a marble floated in the air towards the men.  I saw the ball penetrate the group of men, then suddenly a man shouted out in trance.

By then I was not talking to Swamiji very much.  I was actually a little afraid of him.  Much later when I started talking with Swamiji more freely, I told him, “I saw the ball of light coming out of your eyes.  What was it?”

Swamiji replied, “That is the shakti” [power]. 


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