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Shivabalayogi BangaloreBhajans: Spiritual Song

“After meditation and before bhajans you should pray to Swamiji and bow to him, then perform an arthi [worship with light] to Swamiji’s photograph, and then you can start the bhajans.”

“Your legs and even your head would go to sleep if you sit in meditation after bhajans.  You would be tired and you could not get good meditation.  If you sing bhajans after meditation you will have lots of bliss.  Some people will continue to meditate even after the one hour meditation period.  Some do not like to meditate first but prefer to meditate during the bhajans.  They will be waiting for that particular time.”

“If the energy is to rise, you have to go through steps.  You have three steps: one slow, one medium fast, and then faster.  That is how the energy increases.  You should play at the different speeds, slow, fast, then very fast.  As the tempo increases and the pitch goes up, so does the energy increase.”

“Your song should suit the harmonium, or tablas [a type of Indian drum], or other instruments.  The instruments and the singing should be in time together.  When you are singing slowly, the tablas, the harmonium, the cymbals and everything should be slow.  When you are singing medium fast, then all the instruments should be played medium fast.  Then all together should go faster and faster.  If you go faster and if the pitch of the bhajan goes higher, the energy level will be higher.”

“You should not let the energy get down.  You have to sustain the level.  In India, if you allow the energy go down you will get hit by the people in bhava samadhi.  They will come and hit you if the bhajan goes wrong or you lose the tempo.  Swamiji has not yet started giving bhava samadhi in America because of this.  If Swamiji starts giving bhava it will be really good.”

“Organize some good bhajans.  Then you can see.”

“The bhajans should be good once Swamiji starts giving bhava.  If something goes wrong with the bhajans then the energy will be lost.  You must play together and have control.  It is a matter of intelligence [buddhi].  It does not matter how much you practice if you do not use your proper mind at that time.  One must maintain control and remain in balance.”

“Energies from meditation and from bhajans are the same.  You will have good meditation.”


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