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Physical Connection to Divine Consciousness

Shivabalayogi meditated for twelve years to guide others to their own awareness and understanding.


Sage of the Soul

Shivabalayogi experienced enlightenment (samadhi) at age fourteen, then meditated in samadhi for twelve years.  He emerged on August 7, 1961, a Self-realized yogi.

Life, Travel & Mahasamadhi   Shivabalayogi traveled extensively for three decades, including to the West.  He dropped his physical form in 1994 and entered mahasamadhi, the great or final samadhi.

Successors   Shivabalayogi has no successor.  He continues to be present for each person who seeks his guidance.  His powerful physical presence is anchored in samadhi, including the Samadhi, the tomb in Adivarapupeta where his body rests.

“The outside guru guides and shows you the path.
The internal guru gives you visions.
It is the guru inside who appears to you and gives you darshan.
The outside guru is a yogi.
The inner guru is God.”

Practical Spirituality   Shivabalayogi’s spiritual teaching is very simple and practical.  As we become more aware of the source of our own consciousness, our tensions reduce.  We understand our purpose in life, work more effectively with others, and enjoy life more fully.

His Empowerment   Unique to Shivabalayogi are the powers he attained through 12 years of meditation, and how he freely shares them.  His presence evokes experiences and he responds to our needs through empowerment and healing.  He removes obstacles to our own awareness and understanding.

Public Programs: Silent Teaching   Shivabalayogi teaches in silence through practical experiences.  Everywhere he traveled, he gave public programs where he evoked spiritual awakening through his mere presence (darshan), meditation, and music (bhajans, spiritual song).

Spirituality without the Religion   Shivabalayogi, like all great sages and saints, insists that spirituality is not limited by any religion, social background, or belief system.

Teaching   Shivabalayogi teaches through silence and direct experience, but he also was eager to explain when answering devotees’ questions.  He had much to say about subjects as diverse as yogis, Jesus, spiritual leaders, religions, scriptures, spiritual practices, fate and world conditions.

This site contains over three hundred pages
of information, quotes, photos, bhajans, videos, experiences, transcripts, articles, and publications
on Shivabalayogi,
including free downloads of books and bhajans.

  Shivabalayogi chants Om Namah Shivaya


Many of Swamiji's own photo albums are now available for public view.

These albums were kept under lock and key and made available only a few months before Shri Swamiji entered mahasamadhi.  The albums were put together by Swamiji’s devotees, either to organize photos given to him or to present their own photos to him.

You can access them from the SHIVABALAYOGI'S PHOTO ALBUMS main page of this website.

The Living YogiThe Living Yogi, the Book

Out of print for many years, the story of Shivabalayogi’s mahasamadhi is now available
online without charge as an e-book.

This is the original publication published by the Bangalore Trust and presented to the public on April 2, 1995,
PLUS an omitted chapter on devotees’ experiences of Shivabalayogi’s darshan through bhava samadhi
since Shri Swamiji dropped his own physical form.

Please go to The Living Yogi page for more information and the download.

Recently Posted Video Programs 

Darshan, Om Shiva — Shivabalayogi gives darshan at the Bangalore ashram, August of 1993.  Soundtrack is from Om Shiva by Azul

August 7 Function, 1993 — Video taken on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of Shivabalayogi completing tapas.

Bhava Samadhi, Divine Play, Spiritual Ecstasy is new video program about bhava samadhi.

Swamiji’s Treasure, 2nd Edition

Swamiji's Treasure, God Realization & Experiences of Shivabalayogi, is now available as an ebook with color photographs and convenient hyperlink and electronic search capability.  See the Swamiji's Treasure page
or go direct to Swamiji's Treasure Ebook.

Library: Free Downloads

The inaugural issue of Tapoleela,
a Telugu language magazine devoted
to Shivabalayogi, is available for download
as a PDF document.

Free E-Book Download
Yoga Vasishta
The complete 1891 translation by V.L. Mitra,
revised in more modern English.

The book
Spiritual Ministration is available
as a free E-Book download.