Bhava Samadhi



Bhava Samadhi, Divine Play, Spiritual Ecstasy


Bhava samadhi, spiritual trance, is part of the path of devotion (bhakti) and part of all spiritual traditions.  What is unique about Shivabalayogi is how generously he evoked the experience.

Shivabalayogi typically avoided claiming any responsibility for the phenomena, as he typically did with all miracles that surrounded him.  But it was obvious that he induced the experience.  He explained that bhava was from the presence of higher beings — the astral bodies of gods and yogis — and that his astral body was in them.

Some devotees were given the experience of seeing balls of light passing from Shivabalayogi’s body to a person who then passed into bhava samadhi.  Many who experience bhava say that although it comes in many forms, they sense it is all Shivabalayogi.

Although bhava samadhi on the outside can appear extremely unusual, the divine play, the inner experience is of awesome spiritual ecstasy and power.

This four and a half minute program is edited from film and video taken from 1963 to 1987 in Adivarapupeta, Bangalore, Madras, Anantapur, Sambhar Lake, Dehradun, and Farrukhabad in India.

The soundtrack, Shivayogideva Ravela ("Divine Shiva Yogi Come to Me") is sung by the Adivarapupeta bhajan group and was recorded in 1994. This bhajan can be downloaded at Adivarapupeta Bhajans.  Video edited by Tom Palotas.

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