Adivarapupeta Bhajans




Adivarapupeta for Mahashivaratri
Recorded at the Adivarapupeta ashram in 1994

Adivarapupeta bhajans After he completed twelve years of tapas (meditation in samadhi) Shivabalayogi remained in his native village of Adivarapupeta until March of 1963 when he left for his first of his many travels throughout India, then the world.  Before he left, he promised that he would return to Adivarapupeta each year for Mahashivaratri, the most auspicious celebration of Lord Shiva, Swamiji’s guru.  Poor health prevented him from traveling after 1991, so it was particularly special when he returned to his native place in 1994.

Bhajans on this CD were recorded at the ashram in Adivarapupeta, India, on
March 9, 1994, the afternoon Shivabalayogi returned for the last time in his physical body.  These are among the best recordings we have of the divinely inspired Adivarapupeta bhajans.


Adivarapupeta Bhajans (1996)
Recorded at the Adivarapupeta ashram in 1996

Adivarapupeta bhajans Adivarapupeta ashram is where Shivabalayogi completed tapas and established his first ashram, was also the place where he first evoked experiences of bhava samadhi, spiritual ecstasy that can be so intense and divinely intoxicating that the person is no longer aware of ordinary consciousness.  One is immersed in divine trance.

Each night at the Adivarapupeta ashram, especially on Fridays, devotees sing bhajans and experience the transforming spiritual presence of Shivabalayogi. It was here that the yogi first trained devotees to play and sing bhajans so that he could give bhava (trance). The unique blessings of his presence in Adivarapupeta, the sincere devotion towards God, and the ability to sing and play bhajans in the way Shivabalayogi encouraged make bhajans in Adivarapupeta among the most powerful.

  1. ganapati deva (3:03)

  2. o mahayogisha rava (5:41)

  3. shivayogideva ravela (10:43)

  4. shri balayogisha (9:32)

  5. om namah shivaya (9:09)

  6. shivayogisha (8:45)

  8. omkara rupa rava (6:50)






  1. opening chants (5:48)

  2. paramadayamaya ganapati deva (5:02)

  3. o deva (7:36)

  4. (6:45)

  5. shiva shiva shankara bhaktava vashankara (5:19)

  6. jaya jaya jaya jaya durga devi sharanam (6:22)

  7. rava rava rava raveymaya (6:18)

  8. mahadeva parameshwara (8:24) 9. (7:18)

  10. o devi (7:09)