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Shivabalayogi Adivarapupepta  

Shivabalayogi on Shivabalayogi

“Swamiji was also like you.  Swamiji was a very bad boy when he was young.  He used to beat up a lot of people.  Swamiji used to hit spiritual leaders.  He would not believe any of them when he was a child and he would criticize them whenever he got the chance.  He had to be compelled to change from that to what he is now.  Now he understands what is God.  Now he knows the taste of God and he tries to teach you all about that.  Had Swamiji not realized the taste of God he would have been like any of you and probably would have become a politician.”

“Swamiji has come here for the people.  He has not come here for his body.  It is the duty of Swamiji’s devotees to take care of Swamiji’s body.  Swamiji will not use his powers for himself; that is a misuse of the powers.  The guru serves the devotees and the devotees serve the guru.  Swamiji did not incarnate for himself.”

“Swamiji is like Buddha Bhagavan.  Today people hear from devotees of Buddha what he said.  Only the lucky saw him physically in the same way you are able to see Swamiji physically.  Future generations will hear what you will say, so, you must be careful when you represent Swamiji, otherwise people take Swamiji in a wrong way.”

“Swamiji is able to give answers to your questions only because of tapas.  All the answers he gives are from his personal experience.  All of you have knowledge from books, but Swamiji has practical experience.  Lord Buddha also had practical experiences, and that is what he taught the people.”

“If you pray to Swamiji and then you meditate, God will appear and give you darshan.  Swamiji is the agent of God but he is not God.”

“Swamiji will not change despite any increase in his fame.  Others will come to him.  His fame will increase like clouds gathering seemingly from nowhere.  But Swamiji himself will not change.”

“You have to experience the truth yourself.  How can you believe Swamiji’s experiences? You should experience and know yourself.”


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Tapas Shakti:  Published at Swamiji’s request in India, January of 1992.  Contains his biography, conversations & experiences.