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Shivabalayogi Dehardun


Forms of God Realization

“If you sit in tapas you will get into samadhi.  When this samadhi stays for an extended period, something like twenty-four hours a day, then God will come down to awaken you.  That will be God realization.  When God appears to you in front of your eyes, that is the mastery [siddhi] that is the indication that you have finished your tapas successfully.  You should not fail in that.  Some people fail in the final stages.”

“Whomever you pray to when you sit in meditation or tapas, that person comes to you and fulfills your desires.  That person gives you the boon.”

“Not all the people like the same God.  Some like Krishna.  Some like Venkateshwara.  Some might like Sathyanarayana.  Depending upon their tastes and interests, they will develop and they will see visions and gods in their meditation.”

“If you pray to Swamiji and then you meditate, God will appear and give you darshan.  Swamiji is the agent of God but he is not God.”





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