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The Business of Religion

“I have come here to serve the people, not to charge money.  I cannot charge money.”

“There is no charge for people to come to Swamiji or to be in his presence or to speak to him.  One cannot reach God through money.  That is business.  It is not yoga.  There is no need to pay money to reach God.  The guru can get his food anyway.  There is no need to charge money for that.”

“Swamiji gives you a guarantee that you will never reach God through buying or selling tickets.  Never.”

“We have these two people here who are editors of a magazine.  What would Swamiji do if he had the intention to contact these people to start a business?  He would ask them to do his advertisement, to do his publicity for him.  In turn, out of what Swamiji gets from the people, he would pay them some amount.  So the three of them would be partners.  So Swamiji gains publicity.  A lot of people come to him.  A lot of money comes to him that gets distributed between the three.  That is the way it is done.”

“Even the feeding that we do in the ashram creates a lot of trouble for other spiritual leaders because they sell their food.  All the ashrams in Bangalore sell their food.  Nobody gives it away free.  Because we give it free, they are unhappy with us.”

“First we have to hit these spiritual leaders who are collecting money for their programs, then we will start the rest of the activities.  Until we hit these people, it will be difficult.”

“You will not get God buying tickets.  You should never sell spirituality.  In the United States, he will have to control that.  Once he starts bhava samadhi here, they will they will beat them all up.  If we have a lot of bhava samadhi, everybody will come under control.  All the spiritual leaders are actually afraid of bhava samadhi.”

“We are to teach people peace, to reduce the tension in their lives.  These spiritual leaders are increasing the tension rather than reducing it.”


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