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Shivabalayogi Sri Lanka  

Control Your Own Mind

“The mind can control everything: the soul, the body, the guru, relationships.  But to control the mind you have to do meditation.  The mind is like a monkey.”

“One can control the mind through meditation and if the mind comes under control, then you’ll get a lot of peace, your health will improve, and you will know the right path.”

“The mind is like a monkey, so that has to be controlled.  When you meditate, you should be careful that you don’t move your eyeballs and eyelids.  If you can control your eyeballs and eyelids, then your mind will also get controlled and you can get over these thought forms.”

“If you meditate everything will be controlled.  The mind is very unstable.  Tension reduces after the unstable mind is controlled.  After the mind is controlled and tension is reduced, man can do anything.  If the mind is controlled the whole world will be peaceful.  The mind is a monkey.  It won’t allow the intelligence to be used.  The mind disturbs the intellect [buddhi]; it suppresses intelligence.  The mind is very powerful and the soul is very small.  If one has to open the soul, the mind has to be controlled and you have to use your intelligence.  Then soul will develop and you will get samadhi.  When the soul develops, the mind is destroyed.”

“There is a lot of tension in the minds of people.  There is no understanding among people.  People are jealous of each other.  It is all because of the mind.  If you get rid of the tension then each person can understand the person next to him.  There will be more understanding among you.  All the bad things will disappear by themselves.”

“The ordinary person’s mind is about sixty percent of the individual, intelligence is around thirty percent, and the soul only ten percent.  By practicing meditation you can increase your intellect to sixty percent.  Then your mind will be reduced to ten percent and the soul will increase to thirty percent.  Then people can understand.  That is what brings about change.  Do you understand now?”

“Swamiji has come here to reduce the tension.  This is the purpose for which he has come here.”


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