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Shivabalayogi Sri Lanka 

God:  Form and Formless

“If you worship the formless, you get a lot of power and at the same time you can gain control over your mind.  But if you worship the form, then you can get a lot of devotion, but you may not get control over your mind.  By worshipping the formless, just by meditating for an hour, that will be enough to be in control over the mind.”

“By touching Arjuna at this point [gestures towards third eye], Krishna showed him his formless aspect and then the universal aspect.  So Arjuna had a practical experience of the formless.”

“If you just pray to the form continuously for twenty-four hours, your mind will not come under control.  You may get devotion, but your mind may not get under control.  The worship of formless is best to get control over the mind.  You understand?”




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