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ShivabalayogiDevotion (Bhakti)

“Swamiji's guru has asked me to bring people into the line of bhakti.”

“If you do meditation for one hour a day, it will give you peace of mind.  It will solve all your problems and give you good health.  It will also bring you into the line of devotion.  You will receive good development on the spiritual path.”

“You have to come from devotion to practice meditation.  Only then will you get Self realization.  You should always begin meditation with devotion.”

“You can win over anything with devotion.  If God can be won over by devotion, rest assured that anything can be won by devotion.”

When I was a young girl, Swamiji told me that the Ardhanarishwara linga was under the dais and asked me to take it out.  I did pranam to Swamiji at each of his feet then I picked up the linga and put it on the dais.  There were some twenty people in the room and they all gasped.  Just before they had been unable to move it, yet this girl comes along and picks it up without any difficulty at all.  Swamiji told them that it was not a question of strength, but of devotion.  Only those who were devoted could lift the linga.  Then Dr. Rao’s wife came forward to try to lift the linga, but she could not.  I asked, “Swamiji, how come I could lift it so easily but she is struggling without success?”

Swamiji replied, “Now is that so? Then you go and try to help her.”  I tried to help her out and both of us were unable to lift the linga.  “What did Swamiji tell you?  This linga is going to surrender to those who have devotion, not with those who have power.  Not with shakti but bhakti.”


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