Shivabalayogi Blesses Waters


Shivabalayogi Blesses Waters

This short program collects photos, film, and videotape of Shri Swamiji blessing and bathing in oceans, lakes and rivers, including the Ganges River and the ocean at Kakinada and at New England in the United States.  Swamiji explained that waters take on the negativity of countless human beings who bathe in them, and the gods of the sacred waters pray for a yogi to bathe so the yogi can take on the accumulated "sins." This is an example of the power and love of a yogi.

Shivabalayogi enjoyed bathing in rivers and oceans. The story goes that this love arose during his 12-year tapas when Lord Shiva took him to visit the world of the sun. On the way back, they stopped to bathe in all the sacred waters to help cool off. But even as a village boy, Shri Swamiji enjoyed swimming and bathing.

Another explanation is that water conducts energy, and by bathing with devotees, Shri Swamiji was able to pass blessings. This may explain why he insisted that each devotee enter the water with him.

Or it could be that Swamiji simply enjoys and loves each devotee and wants us to have fun.

12:45 minutes