Bhava Samadhi



One Year Tapas
Bannerghatta Road Ashram 1968-1969

It was at the Bannerghatta Road ashram that Shri Swamiji sat in tapas (meditation in samadhi) for one year for world peace - from August 7, 1968, to August 7, 1969.

Shivabalayogi sat in tapas and remained in seclusion for the entire year.  The doors to his room were kept locked.  Only Adinarayana was permitted entry to give Swamiji a daily cup of milk.

A crowd in the scores of thousands gathered to see Shivabalayogi emerge after completing his one-year tapas for world peace.  The event was widely publicized. Special schedules of city busses were organized to take people as far as Dairy Circle, a few kilometers from the ashram.

Two films, one color the other black & white, were taken on the day Shivabalayogi emerged from his tapas and gave public darshan on August 7 of 1969.




Shivabalayogi One Year Tapas (2020 edit)

The first image is that of Shivabalayogi sitting on his asana (seat) on the eve of August 7, 1968.  Looking at the photo, his mother, Parvatamma Allaka, is on the left, and on the right is Srimati Kailas Kumari Devi, the erstwhile Queen of Patna, (Mataji) in bhava samadhi, holding out her hands to protect Swamiji.

We see mass feeding, bhajans, and a lot of bhava samadhi as the crowd gathered.  `The crowd was so large, a portion of the ashram walls had to be torn down to provide access.

Then we see Parvatamma garu (Swamiji's mother), the royal family of Patna, other dignitaries, and the press gathered outside Swamiji's locked room.  Finally, the doors are opened and we see Shivabalayogi emerge to take his seat on the tiger-skin covered asana in front of the ashram building.

Swamiji gave darshan the entire afternoon and into the evening. After arthi (camphor flame), he returned to his room where he gave darshan to some of the dignitaries. Then, a final arthi. The original films have no soundtrack.

The bhajans were recorded at the Bangalore ashram in the early 1990's.

16:24 minutes.