Shivabalayogi Cambridge 1989



Shivabalayogi, Cambridge, Mass. Interview, 1989

Shivabalayogi answers questions in this video from 1989 taken in Cambridge (Boston), Massachusetts.  The conversation staged for broadcast and aired the following year on a cable television program called "The New Age and the Paranormal".

Swamiji's interpreter, Shiladitya Singh, speaks Hindi and English, but not Swamiji's native language of Telugu.  Swamiji learned to speak Hindi quite fluently during two decades of travel throughout India.

Original video taken by Peter Morales and re-edited by Tom Palotas in three parts.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Conversation
Part 1 of 3.

Asked about suffering and terrorism in the world, Swamiji responds by describing the need to control the mind through the practice of meditation.  Meditation reduces tension, improves physical health and the quality of one's life, and opens understanding of how to deal with others.  Meditation neutralizes the effects of karma, negative energies, and negative thought forms.

Shivabalayogi explains that he teaches the same technique of meditation as his own Guru, God Shiva, taught him.  All we need do is practice one hour daily.

   their talks about about meditation as the key, world conditions, thought forms (elementals), living in the world, and sharing karma., part 


Cambridge, Massachusetts Conversation
Part 2 of 3.

Shivabalayogi explains that each person should use his or her own experience to evaluate different techniques of meditation.  However, he says, as one progresses in meditation and seeks samadhi (enlightenment), one must adopt the simple technique he teaches: concentration upon the third eye without any form.

In a particularly significant section, Shivabalayogi talks about Shiva and Shakti.  “Shiva yogi hai. Shiva muni hai.  God Shakti hai.”  Shiva is God.  Shiva is a Yogi.  Shakti is God.

"Swamiji says if you worship the formless, then you get a lot of energy, a lot of power, and at the same time you can gain control over your minds.  But if you worship the form, then you can get a lot of devotion, but you may not get control over your mind."

Swamiji also talks about raising children without fear.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Conversation
Part 3 of 3.

The world has consciousness.  It has a soul.  It is a Devi, a Goddess.  If one does good meditation practice, one will be able to see and talk with the Goddess.

Humanity needs to learn to use resources without creating pollution.

Swamiji explains that these are the end times of a 5,000 year cycle.  Everything will change, he says.  Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and other yogis are coming to protect the people in this time of upheaval.  All yogis are related, like children of the same mother.

Swamiji describes death, when it comes naturally, as a very blissful experience.  However, those who die accidentally must wait until their natural life span is over before they can move on.