Shivabalayogi in New England



New England, 1990

Video recorded during Shivabalayogi's programs in New England in 1990. 


The scenes are typical of Shri Swamiji's programs in the United States over the period from 1988 to 1991. 

As he leaves one program, Swamiji talks about being eaten by insects and rodents.  He refers to his tapas, meditation in samadhi for 23 hours each day, in a field, a graveyard by tropical rice paddies, his body bitten and nibbled upon as his consciousness remained immersed in enlightenment.  By one count, he endured seven cobra bites.  He only felt the agony when he resumed ordinary awareness for one hour each night. Swamiji often praised his mother, Tapaswiji Maharaj, and a handful of early devotees who helped keep his body alive during 12 years of continuous austerities, from age 14 to 26.

Swamiji always paid respect to gods and yogis.  Two of these programs were at Zen centers with idols of Buddha.  As was his custom, Swamiji would pause before the idol and communicate with the god or yogi, and in these two instances, with Lord Buddha.

Original video taken by Peter Morales, re-edit by Tom Palotas.  14:36 minutes.

See Some Background below


A Walk and a Talk in the Park

Conversations with Shivabalayogi recorded in the Arnold Arboretum, Boston, in 1990.  Subjects include: meditation; the manifestations of Shiva, Jesus, and other yogis; astral bodies; and how yogis work together to serve people.

Video by Peter Morales re-edited by Tom Palotas.  12:51 minutes.









Shivabalayogi in New England Waters

Shivabalayogi takes a dip in the waters off of New England during his 1990 tour of the United States.

Bhajan Ananda Sagara Yogi Deva ("Ocean of Compassion, Divine Yogi") sung by D. Jagadish Kumar.

Video by Peter Morales, re-edited by Tom Palotas.  4:32 minutes










Some Background to the Programs Video

Jagadish Kumar, Swamiji's interpreter, explains:

I wish to share a memory from the scene where I am wearing the 'Flying Hanuman' polo shirt and Swamiji bows to the huge idol of Buddha.  The program Organizer in Boston area, Marc Ostrosky had fixed the program in that Buddhist Temple.  He told me after the program that he arranged for Swamiji's dais away from Lord Buddha's idol, fearing that Swamiji (being a Hindu in his mistaken belief) would not like to sit near Buddha.  He half expected Swamiji to scold him for having arranged it there.  He was hence pleasantly surprised to see Swamiji walk up to the idol of Buddha and even more surprised when Swamiji stood in front of the idol, bowed His head and prayed to Lord Buddha.

It is very obvious that Swamiji knew what Marc thought.

Swamiji spoke those lines about Buddha while standing in front of the idol.  The video does not include all that Swamiji said on that occasion.  He also said,

"Swamiji as Sathyaraju was born in a very poor family and had to live a difficult life right from birth.  He even had to work to earn a living to support himself and his family members at the young age of five.  He therefore was used to hardship even before he was sat in tapas.  In contrast, Gautham Buddha was born a prince and his parents took a lot of care to see that he does not face any hardship as he grew up. He lead a luxurious life.  Just try to imagine how hard it would have been for Buddha to undergo the difficulties of tapas.  And unlike Swamiji, Buddha left the palace, relinquished his kingdom and even left his wife and a young son."