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Interview New Age Forum television program

Shivabalayogi is interviewed by Charles Whitt in this 1989 Santa Barbara cable television program, "New Age Forum".  These two edits are taken from that interview.  Swamiji is speaking in Hindi as his interpreter, Shiladitya Singh, does not speak Swamiji's native language of Telugu.

Part One — On Meditation

In this excerpt from a 1989 cable TV interview, Shivabalayogi answers questions about meditation, samadhi (enlightenment) and Self realization.

Charles Whitt introduces Shivabalayogi, then asks Swamiji, "What is meditation?"  Swamiji explains that meditation is to control the mind to become peaceful, more healthy, and more effective in life.  When it comes to meditation, Swamiji assures the interviewer, he can guarantee anything.

11:56 minutes







Part Two — On Guru

Swamiji explains the meaning of his name, how tapas is a test from God, and how there is no failure if one follows the guidance of the guru. Swamiji insists that to obtain success in meditation, a guru is required.  A true guru will never make a mistake because he or she follows the orders of God.  Swamiji also assures us that a true guru does not change money.  "That is business. That is not yoga."

Swamiji's main verbal teaching is to encourage people to meditate so that they understand the truth directly through experience. The guru is one who teaches. The outer guru is guide who leads the student to the inner guru, God or Self. Although the Ultimate Reality is One, Shivabalayogi insists that until the final realization is attained, it is best to have the attitude that one (i.e., the small ego) is not God.

13:19 minutes.



A complete transcript of the complete interview is available as a PDF at New Age Forum.